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As part of the membership experience, the club has aligned itself with some of the most highly sought brands to provide unique experiences and opportunities for our members.    


Bugatti of North America placed their $2.62 million Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse on display with Freedom Supercars and provided members with private test drives of the world’s fastest production vehicle. Famed professional driver Butch Leitzinger, who pushed the Bugatti to a record beating 256mph and also performs as the official test pilot for Bugatti, served as the personal instructor as our members experienced the thrill of driving the much-celebrated hypercar. Beyond the experience of driving, our relationship with Bugatti also provides members the option of placing an order directly with Bugatti. 


McLaren has partnered with Freedom Supercars on several occasions as they continue to astound with new vehicles. Members have been treated to sneak peeks at prototypes where brand specialists give in-depth presentations about product design, key features and the making of the vehicles. And we’ve also been fortunate enough to host new vehicle launch events where members were afforded test drives of production vehicles before they were made available to the general public.


If you are rolling down the road with one of the highest performing machines on the road then you need tires to match. Freedom Supercars has partnered with Pirelli for driving tours, major auto shows, and to provide our cars with the best F1 inspired tires on the road. Pirelli provides a selection of performance tires and since we pride ourselves on the best...there is no other tire that matches Pirelli.​


Our partnership with GP Experience began with the opportunity for members to be in the hot seat for the heart-racing thrill of a lifetime - riding in a 3-seat modified winning Jordan F1 car next to a professional driver. Since then, we raised the bar at select F1 tracks around the world, allowing members to become one of the lucky few who get behind the wheel of a real F1 racecar. Unless you've been a jet fighter pilot or jumped from a plane at 15,000 feet, it's faster than you've ever accelerated in your life. 


Freedom Supercars has provided professional, unparalleled driving events and tours since 2005 and are excited to participate side by side with Waldorf Astoria to ensure guests are provided with a driving experience that exceeds their expectations. The Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience allows guests to sample the iconic properties, culture, and amenities with the exhilaration of the best supercars. 


Hennessy has partnered with Freedom Supercars for multiple events. Whether an exquisite dinner tasting with Cirque style entertainment, an opportunity to meet Mr. Maurice Hennessy who is an eighth generation descendant to the Hennessy Empire, or a tasting with custom bottle engraving options – each event has provided members the opportunity to purchase the ultra excusive Paradis Imperial.


Freedom Supercars partnered with German icon Mont Blanc to provide new members with a specially selected gift set. Celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of sophisticated writing instruments, in recent years Mont Blanc has expanded to include jewelry, timepieces, luxury leather goods, belts, eyewear, and fragrance. 


Freedom Supercars has partnered with Lucho to provide members with the best clothing a man can find. Whether it is a custom tailored suit, shirts, pants, tie, shoes or cufflinks you can find it at Lucho. Hector, Patty and their team use the best fabrics along with decades of experience to find just the right pieces to add to your wardrobe. They also have a wide variety of women’s heals for those looking to spoil their women.


Freedom Supercars has partnered with Race Armada on several occasions to set up unique and fascinating experiences such as the Poker Run Rally and the Colorado Rocky Mountain High Trip. Race Armada brings automotive enthusiasts together to enjoy the pastime of driving together on a whole new level. 

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