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  • Heath Grayson


Coffee and Cars Houston

Look, a LaFerrari!

For those that don't know, Coffee & Cars is a gathering of car hobby enthusiasts who meet and share their passion for motorsports. Coffee and Cars is free to attend and is held on the first Saturday of every month from 8AM - 10AM at Memorial City Mall.

If you are going to attend, here are some reminders and guidelines: There will be ZERO tolerance for burnouts and high revving, if you want Coffee and Cars to stay around for many years to come, use COMMON SENSE. This is not a race track, this is a family friendly event where young kids and grown ups come to admire cars that otherwise they don't get a chance to see. Please do not reserve parking spots or areas, parking is first come first serve basis. There are over 5,000 spaces in the display area to use, any overflow can park in the adjacent lots.

See you on the road,


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