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Imperial Collision Houston

Welcome to Imperial Collision and Mechanical, a family owned and operated repair service for all your supercar needs!


The man behind the magic at Imperial Collision is Mr. Butch Hammad. Mr. Hammad is a supercar fanatic with a passion for excellence and an eye for detail. With over 20 years of experience in the industry Butch has the skill set to ensure that every clients needs are taken care of no matter how big or in some cases how small the request. With an extensive and rare collection of his own Butch has been fortunate enough by his success to enjoy the supercar lifestyle himself. Some of Butch’s favorites of his collection consist of the rare Lamborghini Squadra Corse, a Lamborghini Aventador SV, and the newest addition a McLaren 600LT. When asked what his favorite exotic in the collection is, Mr. Hammad answered, “Easy, it would have to be my Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse. Not only was it my first exotic, but also because of the way the exhausts triumphant roar brings me back to the first day I laid eyes on it”. Imperial Collision would not be where it is today without his passion that is brought to work every single day.


Imperial Collision is an exotic vehicle repair facility and body shop that is constantly expanding as the industry is changing and growing more and more every day. Imperial Collision was started in 2011 by Mr. Butch Hammad a body man, painter, service writer all in one who decided to give himself a shot and open up a shop for Specialty Vehicles. The Imperial Family flourished as the demand for a luxury shop to service exotics all over Houston grew. Imperial is known not only for the cleanliness and state of the art equipment and tools but also for the quality of work and service provided. Imperial is able to stand out from other shops because of the trusted reputation for excellence, from the paint match to the impeccable body work each job is taken seriously and never delivered without a through quality check. When owning an exotic vehicle and needing any type of work done Imperial understands how hard it is to find a shop to get the job done right without overcharging or having a lack of experience, that is why each member of the Imperial Family is trained personally by Mr. Hammad the master tech who started it all. This way the quality of work can be assured with consistency and experience of how to work on such delicate vehicles. Imperial Collision also has a sister company, Imperial Auto Styling, an exotic auto spa. Imperial Auto Styling is the place to go for wraps, supercar protection, detailing and much more. Here are some of the services offered by Imperial Collision and Imperial Auto Styling:

- Imperial Collision: Estimates, Collision Repair, Body Work, Paint Work, Restoration, Glass Replacements, Installations and Maintenance.

- Imperial Auto Styling: Detailing, Ceramic Pro Coatings, Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Xpel Installations, Window Tinting, Vehicle Wraps, and Powder coating.

WHERE: Come by and See For Yourself

Imperial Collision & Mechanical MAIN

9722 Honeywell St

Houston, TX 77074

Imperial Auto Styling

9727 Consuela Drive

Houston, TX 77074

Imperial Collision of Huntsville

185 Interstate 45 N

Huntsville TX, 77320

WHY: Why Should you Chose Imperial Collision?

It’s simple, Imperial treats each vehicle as Owner Butch Hammad would treat his own supercars. Every vehicle is held to the standard that the quality should be even better than it was before arriving at the shop. Many people pick up their vehicle from a shop expecting a brand new car, however it is just the same vehicle except for the area that was worked on. At Imperial we want clients to feel as though they are stepping into a new vehicle upon delivery. We work to please clients not to get the job done as fast as possible, at Imperial we believe that good things take time and expect our clients to believe the same. Instead of cramming in as many vehicles and getting them out as fast as possible, Imperial prioritizes quality over quantity and putting smiles on clients faces. Intrigued? Come by the shop today and let one of our experts give you the grand tour and let’s see how we can rev up your lifestyle!

From Freedom Supercars:

We recommend Imperial Collision for peoples everyday drivers and especially their luxury and exotic cars. If you care about how your vehicle is treated, there is only one place in town to take it to. Their knowledge, techniques, and state of the art facilities are the best way to make sure your vehicle is taken care of from start to finish. Don't just trust anyone with your vehicle, make the right choice!


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