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  • Heath Grayson

Introducing FreedomWork: A Coworking Community Driven by Automotive Enthusiasm.

FreedomWork is the first and only coworking concept that combines premium workspaces with a world-class supercar clubhouse atmosphere. With limited availability, we designed this co-working space for our hand-selected niche of individuals who want to bridge their work and passion.

We are not just a workspace, we are a community of like-minded enthusiasts driven by success. Whether you are attending a private event, hosting work meetings, taking a supercar for a drive, or enjoying our clubhouse amenities, Freedom Work is sure to exceed your expectations.

Workspace Amenities

While supercars keep the heart and soul of Freedom Work ignited with passion, amenities, and social opportunities deepen the experience and connect us in new ways. The clubhouse provides a comfortable place to join other members to enjoy food and beverages as you socialize and network. When we aren’t using our clubhouses for member events, it's available for private use. After all, there is no conversation starter quite like standing next to a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Be it business or personal, it’s an ideal destination!

Local Clubhouse Events

Member events and gatherings will be regular, providing the perfect social atmosphere to meet other like-minded individuals with the common interest of automotive enthusiasm.

The new clubhouse will have a calendar of events such as car reveals, watch parties, poker tournaments, art exhibits, tastings, and more to provide unique opportunities to engage with other members, making membership more attractive than ever.

Contact Us Today

There are a very limited number of offices available, so CONTACT US if you are interested in reserving a spot and we will contact you to answer questions, check availability, and schedule a tour.

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