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Meet Austin's Branch President

Freedom Supercars USA Expansion

Brining the club to ATX meant bringing along a great partner, and that is where Jason Galloway enters the picture. Galloway had an entrepreneurial career in Oil and Gas where he put together a substantial water delivery system in the Permian Basin right at the beginning of the “Frac Boom”, which he subsequently sold in 2018 for a hefty price. After taking some time off, playing a lot of golf, and spending some time with the family, he realized he wasn’t done yet and wanted to find the next adventure.

At this point, Jason came across Freedom Supercars in Houston, and reached out to see about Freedom’s expansion plans in the Austin area. He loved the idea and thought it would be a fantastic way to access a collection of Supercars without the headaches of ownership. After a series of phone conversations and meetings, all the synergies were there and the rest is history.

Freedom Supercars was the perfect fit; Jason told us he has always loved cars, or pretty much anything that goes really fast! He has a soft spot for American Muscle and the rumble of a big V8 and started looking into some exotics as well. Over the years he has built quite the collection with his customized Jeep wrangler, beautiful 911 Turbo S Cabriolet and several Shelby Mustangs. Jason left me with this quote: “Now I’m done working and finally doing something I love that doesn’t feel like work.”

Jason, like all the other members couldn't stand for just driving one car for the rest of his life and loves the thought of jumping back and forth between an ever-changing rotation of supercars. Galloway knew the club made total sense when he realized that there isn't any reasonable way someone could drive all these cars without membership in the club. "We get to be the 1 in a Million people to drive them all!"

Jason has always had a passion for supercars, but it is much more than that. He also has a big heart and loves giving back to the community whether it is showing up to local car shows to support a good cause, or giving those less fortunate a memory of a lifetime riding in one of the supercars. We knew Jason would be a great person to represent the brand and build on what we started nearly 12 years ago!

He is excited for all the supercars, experiences, and memories to come and is happy to announce the Austin location is now up and running! They have their own staff, own supercars, and will have access to the other Freedom Supercars locations as well, making membership a better offer now more than ever!

If you’d like more information on our programs, CLICK HERE to see more on how our memberships work.

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