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  • Heath Grayson

Private Member's Event: Cars, Aviation, and Libations

It has been a while since we have seen everyone, so we were super excited to meet once again and enjoy the company of our guests. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Wheels Up and Sky Harbour, both of which are well known in the private aviation sector.

The event was held at Sky Harbour's new flagship facility, showcasing Wheels Up's wings, and our hot wheels in 5 of their new hangars. Together we were able to create a luxurious atmosphere filled with excitement and curiosity.

Guest’s were met with a red carpet runway that guided them to the jets, and supercars. Each hanger seemed to get more exciting, and expensive. Walking around the venue you could see everyone’s eyes filled with eagerness to hop in these fast toys.

Freedom Supercars provides members with more than just an incredible driving opportunity, we bring a package of incredibly exclusive events and adventures. Interested to see how you can be invited to our next private event? Learn more about becoming a member: HERE

Here's what you missed:

Hanger 1: The Stingray & His Side Kick

Hanger 2: The German & His Cardnial

Hanger 3: The Green Titan & The King of the Air

Hanger 4: The Orange Brit & The Silent Giant


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