February 7, 2019


Not Your Typical Date!


Let me start by saying, when I was asked to write an article on “speed dating” this is not at all what I expected! Forget name tags and awkward silence, this was speed dating with badges I instantly recognized like Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.  


You see, at Freedom Supercars Supercar Club they believe that driving supercars should be about dating, and that is something that everyone can relate to.  If you’ve ever thought about buying a supercar, shelling out $250,000 to be married to a supercharged sensation is a big decision, and deciding which one is "the one" is an even bigger decision. But thanks to Freedom Supercars, there's a better alternative to owning – it is Supercar Bliss; with a variety of beauties, none of the hassles, and a fraction of the cost of being committed to just one.  



They like to call it "Speed Dating", and while the “speed” part is evident, the dating part takes a little more explanation. After talking with Marc Smith, the President of Freedom Supercars USA, the whole concept comes into focus as he explains that there are times in life where making a long-term commitment is expected, but driving adrenaline packed automotive icons shouldn't be one of them. With an ever-increasing selection of red-hot supercars to choose from, a person would be crazy to spend so much and settle on just one. After all, why would you want to be tied down when you can have them all?


The way it works is the club maintains an impeccable collection of supercars, and if you are fortunate enough to be a member of this exclusive club, you simply call the concierge and reserve your date of choice. It might be a Ferrari 488 one weekend, a Lamborghini Aventador S the next, or a Rolls Royce on a simple night out for dinner, the choice is yours. Each dressed to the nines, there are no bad options here! Dating the cars gives you that freedom that you have always longed for, and oh how good it  feels to be free.


Smith decided to give me a taste of what it is like to be a member of the club, with a multi-million dollar collection of supercars just waiting for my call.  He showed me firsthand how speed dating works, as we spent the day taking several magnificent machines around town to experience how different each really is. Aside from getting a ton of looks and feeling like a Hollywood star, I really started to think, this was the best set of dates I had ever been on! We started in the McLaren 570S Spyder, moved onto the Lamborghini Aventador S, and then took a spin in the Ferrari 488 before stopping for lunch.



As we spent time discussing what a thrilling experience I had in each of the cars, I was secretly hoping that there was more to come after the meal. And Smith didn’t let me down, as he had been saving a couple of the best for last! We took off after lunch in a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, cruising with the roof down and enjoying the perfect weather.  And to finish the day we rocketed around in a McLaren 675LT, a true legend! This thing spit fire and hit notes louder than any sound I’ve ever heard. As we concluded the tour, I slowly awoke from this dream of a day and slipped back into reality, quickly buying into what they are doing at Freedom Supercars. 


Freedom Supercars also provides exclusive opportunities for driving tours that makes membership in the club is even more compelling. Experiences like driving a real F1 car on the track, doing a 200mph challenge with three hypercars, and Ice Drifting in Sweden are just a few of the events members can participate in. I told them I would be happy to cover the events and participate! (I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood simultaneously). 



The point I took from this is that single car ownership is becoming a thing of the past. Why would anyone want to deal with the hassles of ownership like maintenance and repairs when instead they could join the club and drive an entire collection of supercars without any of the headaches?


The future is bright and simple with subscription services like this one from Freedom Supercars. Nearly every car manufacture is doing this, but with Freedom you don’t have to have just one car brand – you can have them all!


You can check out all their latest supscription options here











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