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  • Heath Grayson


BMW i8 Silver

German Innovation

FS Houston has just made another addition into their already amazing collection of vehicles! The BMW i8 is unlike any car we have ever driven... and we have driven a lot of cars! Right away you will notice the styling inside and out of this car is 10 years ahead of the curve, but it also handles like a gem as well. The interior lighting makes you feel like you are stepping into a space ship, and the hybrid nature of the vehicle adds to the allure that you are saving the earth if you are into that kinda thing. The BMW is a great addition to Houston's great selection and is the perfect car to impress the lady of your dreams. Warning: when you open the doors, people will know someone important has arrived - ya, we are talking about you.

BMW i8 Lights

This is not your average BMW, this is a new standard and preview of this marque's future. With swan-wing doors, a shark-nose grille, and a supercar stance, the i8 plug-in hybrid is a truly revolutionary vehicle. It has a turbocharged three-cylinder engine that teams with two electric motors for a combined 357 hp, hitting 60 mph faster than an M3. The i8 also gets around 30mpg, which makes it the best of both worlds, creating an exciting yet luxurious drive.

We have brought in the BMW i8 because in this ever-changing technological age, having a hybrid supercar that is exceptionally spot-on is both innovative and bold. With its electric style the car has blue accents that catch the eye on the inside and out. Step into the car and see an array of screens and luxury trim. Once the car is started it is quite, but punch the pedal and see how this German sounds as exciting as a turbocharged V6. No matter what you like about the i8, this is certainly a car you will want to take out more than once.


Type: TC 3-Cylinder + Lithium-Ion

Displacement: 1.5L

Power: 362 hp

Torque: 422 lb-ft

Redline: 6,500 rpm


0-60 mph: 4.2 sec

¼ Mile: 12.1 sec @ 116 mph

Top Speed: 160 mph

Braking (60-0): 108 ft

Power Ratio: 9.05 lbs/hp

Drivetrain & More

Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic

Layout: Front Engine

Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive

Curb Weight: 3,278 lbs


Exterior: Silver

Interior: Black

Top: Coupe

Seats: 4

Tier: 2

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