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How much does it really cost to own a Lamborghini Aventador S that has an MSRP of $475,000.00?

With a redesigned nose, rear, and aero-package, the Aventador S sports a tri-exhaust that crackles and pops when driving and will leave your grinning like a 12-year-old. If that isn't enough they also made the rear wheels turn, improving handling at both low and high speeds. With a new digital dash that changes with each driving mode, this is one of the most expensive and unique supercars on the road!

So lets get down to the cold hard facts. Owning one of the best supercars on the road is a dream for every male in the world, but is it worth it? Let’s look at what it really costs to own this car over a 3-year period and cover every piece you might have not considered already.


Buying the Lamborghini Aventador S


1) Vehicle Sales Tax & Title - $29,687 This varies by state but for most people that will have to buy the car in their local market due to dealer regulations, most people will be paying this hefty tax up front before even seeing the vehicle.

2) Interest / Cost of Capital - $51,900 You’re going to have a good amount to pay in interest even at a small rate due to the amount it cost to own a half million dollar supercar. Event if you were to pay cash for the car, the cost of capital would be even more, having to forgo other opportunities because of tied up cashflow in the car.

3) Vehicle Maintenance - $7,500

Even if you drive it only 1,000 miles per year, you will still be required to do the annual service. Annual service can run up to $5,000. If you drive the car more, you will have to change tires too which will cost you around $1,500 - $2,000 for a set of four. And these tires aren’t like your every day tires that will last for 40,000 miles. They are made with a softer compound for more grip, but because of that will only last for around 5,000-7500 miles. If anything else goes wrong even though it’s “covered under warranty” you can expect to still paying for a diagnostics fee and labor hours out of your own pocket.

4) Insurance - $28,500 Getting quoted for a vehicle of this caliber is a little different than your everyday Mercedes or Cadillac. It varies by state, age, driving record and credit history. Realistically you can expect to pay around $750 for 36 months of your contract. With that being said, if you have a bad history be ready to pay $1,000 or more per month.

5) Depreciation - $142,500 Very conservatively you can expect to see the vehicle lose 30% of its value over the three-year period and that will increase even further with high mileage use upwards of 40-50%. This is typical with high-end exotics, and there is nothing you can do to prevent its steep depreciation curve.

Total 3-Year Cost - $260,088 All together over your three-year term you will be spending almost $300k just to have one vehicle in your driveway that you probably only drive on the weekend when you have special plans. The total cost PER YEAR comes out to be $86,696. These are real numbers, as we have now had multiple Lamborghinis. It’s not cheap!


So you are thinking about leasing? Well, buckle up because leasing will cost you even more


Lease Pricing So you don't want to buy, so you think leasing will be a better deal? Here are the recent numbers from a Lamborghini 2-year lease offer:






INSURANCE: $18,000


Total 2-Year Cost - $266,965 All together over your two year term you will be spending close to $300k just to have one vehicle in your driveway that you can only drive for 2,500 miles a year. The total cost PER YEAR comes out to be $133,485!

To break this down even further, to lease the Aventador S, you will be paying $11,125.75 per month!


Other things to think (worry) about


Diminished Value - $23,750 - $47,500 From simple door dings and rock chips to parking bumper and speed hump damage, you can expect to spend money getting this car right before you turn it back in. But if you are unlucky and get in an accident, you can get it fixed, but expect to see a 5% - 10% in diminished value when turning it back in or selling the vehicle.

Increased Spending By Wife or Spouse - $0 - $36,000 You didn’t really think that you could get a $475,000 car without your girlfriend wanting a new pair of $1,000 shoes every month or your wife running up the Platinum AMEX did you? Budget at least $36,000 of “yes dear” money. If you are a “real man” and don’t let your woman walk all over you, your lying and you are paying for her and her friends to go on vacation. Either way, it’s gone.

A Better Alternative

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