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  • Heath Grayson


Corvette Z06

While supercars are extremely tantalizing to look at and exhilarating to drive they all come with their fair share of hassles as well. Your brand new Ferrari or Lamborghini may be the most expensive bespoke ride on the street, but just know that you could run quite a few unexpected headaches along the way. So here are some things to think about that you may have not considered before.

When you first purchase that beautiful work of rolling artwork you expect the dealership will treat you like royalty and the ownership experience will be filled with rainbows and Ferrari Fairy kisses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for reality to set in – that supercar ownership is full of headaches. Our Top 7 Headaches of Owning:

1) A $2500 oil change - are you kidding me?

2) What do you mean no loaner car? Who would have believed you can spend a quarter million dollars on a car and the dealer won’t even give you a loaner!

3) “Please exit the river” - plan to use your smartphone and forget about GPS, you’d be better off using a Garmin from 2005.

4) Paint protection what? Who knew you needed to spend $5,000 to apply a clear film on top of your paint to protect it from all the people that want to lean on it and take selfies when you aren’t around.

5) Cup holders - what cup holders? I know, I know - you think it doesn’t matter. Except it does!

6) The part is on backorder until when? Who puts cars into production and then doesn’t have spare parts? Answer: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, McLaren, and every other supercar manufacturer. It goes something like this: Service rep talks to parts department, who talks to distributor, who talks to manufacturer, who refers to a man who lives on a mountain in the Swiss Alps that makes that part. Then six weeks later – Ta Da!

7) It’s called Depreciation Depression Syndrome, look it up! It’s the feeling you have when driving off the dealership lot - which apparently is paved with diamonds and gold!

8) Why do I have to plug it in? You may not have purchased an electric car, but better plan on plugging-in that battery tender or you are almost certain to have a dead battery (and by the way, it can’t be jump-started.)

Luckily, with a supercar membership you do not have to deal with any of the hassles of supercar ownership. Once people join as a member they leave all of the work to us. We have insurance in place and we take care of the maintenance and storage. When you are ready to reserve a vehicle we make sure its expertly detailed and fueled up for members to take out. Members don’t have to worry about anything besides which vehicle they want to take out next.


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