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  • Chris Smith

We talk about our New Headquarters, Expansion, New Cars and Upcoming Ultimate Driving Tours

You might not have heard from us in awhile, but thats because over the last year we have had some HUGE things in the works. Freedom Supercars is extremely excited to announce several monumental steps that the club will take in the next few months.

Our New US Headquarters

Freedom Supercars is building a one of a kind facility to not only host the Houston Clubhouse, but it will also facilitate the staff for our expansion

Expansion Coming Soon!

We are launching another branch in Austin, Texas coming this summer! We will have another blog and more details on that soon to let members know all about our Austin President, location, and more soon!

Upcoming Ultimate Driving Tours

With the Vaccine coming more readily available we are expecting to see boarders reopened, which is good news. CEO Anthony Moss of Ultimate Driving Tours talks about bringing more tours here to the US, and what that will look like over the coming years

We are extremely excited about the future of Freedom Supercars, and we can't wait to provide our current customers with an even better experience as we continue to grow.

See you on the Road,



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