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luxury car subscription

As Supercars gain popularity, clients have been always faced with the dilemma of which one to buy. Sure you can lease one for a few years, take a bath and than switch out a couple years later, but our busy lives and modern society don’t leave time for any time to waste.

Fortunately, ecurie25 disrupts the single car ownership model and replaces it with a simple, Supercar Membership Subscription… Remember you used to buy your DVD’s too! With this incredible new service, it’s easy to pick your supercar and reserve it within a simple call. If you thought experiencing luxury vehicles weren’t an option for you, don’t miss out on this amazing, accessible new way to drive them all! Whether you avoided these cars due to time constraints or didn’t want to commit to something for years at a time, ecurie25’s memberships are the perfect solution for your busy life. You pay for what you use, and put the rest of the money in your back pocket!

Car subscription

Let’s take a look at the old single car ownership model.

For this example Bob went to the store and bought a Lamborghini Huracan. Although he enjoys it, he doesn’t take it out much because he doesn’t want the miles to depreciate his car, or the thought of running through that rain puddle to leave his car dirty and have to expertly detail his car once again. Bob loves showing off his car but between traveling and the time its in the shop getting serviced, he has only driven it 38 days this year and has paid out nearly $60,000 to have it collect dust in his garage. Bob tells himself that it’s all worth it, but secretly feels guilty cheating on his Huracan when he peeks over the neighbors bushes and drools over the neighbors new Ferrari 488 secretly wishing he could drive that once in awhile. Don’t be like Bob, don’t be limited to just one supercar.

Changing the industry

When ecurie25 entered the scene, the picture changed completely. The business model works just like Wheels-Up for Supercars. ecurie25 focuses on brining the best supercars to like-minded individuals who want to drive ALL the best supercars. Now the E25 Supercar Subscription based membership allows that.

Trustworthy businesses

ecurie25 has been around for 9 years and has been lightyears ahead of the current “ride-share” wave that is entering the market. Leading the industry in supercar enjoyment, member’s satisfaction is at an all-time high through providing amazing supercars and world renown driving tours around the world.

Simple Membership Process

Select the option that’s right for you, as each membership plan provides you with access to all the cars in the collection. Your points are exchanged for time in the cars, and as you go to higher levels of membership you get more driving days and more perks! Enjoy memberships from 30 to 120 driving days a year. Memberships are just 1-year commitments so no long 48 or 72 month requirements. Get in, try it out and see if the club is your perfect fit (we are sure you will love it)!

How Membership Works

Join ecurie25 Supercar Club as a member and you’ll be one of the few individuals in the world that get to drive all the most desirable supercars on the planet. The only question you’ll face is the enviable dilemma of which supercar to drive next! Take all the good that supercars have to offer and leave the rest to us, as ecurie25 allows you to blast around the city in a stable of supercars at a fraction of the cost of owning even a single car as memberships start at just $1,400/ month!

Everything’s Included

Members at écurie25 enjoy time behind the wheel of an entire collection of supercars without the hassles of ownership. Gone are the worries of maintenance, depreciation, insurance, detailing and storage; we have you covered! Our personal concierge service ensures that your ecurie25 experience is carefree. Simply make a reservation and your car will be expertly detailed in pristine condition and ready for the adventure ahead.

Before ecurie25, the supercar industry was long overdue for an overhaul. Forget the old way of single car ownership, and missed opportunities. You’ll never have to deal with service issues, the painful insurance payments, or thought of even washing your vehicle. May your only dilemma be which car to drive next!

To learn more about the incredible options on supercar membership, please contact us today! Our knowledgeable representatives are always ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decision of your automotive future.

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