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Hennessey F5

For $261,274 plus taxes, Lamborghini will give you a Huracán with four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, a new 8.4 inch touchscreen built into the central tunnel, improved aero with a suspended rear spoiler, and the Performante's 631-horsepower naturally-aspirated V10. That's the 2020 Lamborghini Huracán EVO in a nutshell.


The Magic of the Lamborghini Huracan Performante

The combination of 442 foot pounds of torque, four-wheel drive and the quick 7-speed LDF dual-clutch transmission will launch the EVO to sixty in 2.9 seconds, with 124 mph following at nine. Top speed is "in excess of" 202mph.

At 3134 lbs. dry, Lambo's latest is still 88 lbs. heavier than a Performante coupé, but probably lighter than a Porsche 992, which has a curb weight of 3487 lbs. in Carrera 4S form. If lightness is all you care about, McLaren is always happy to take your call. However, Lamborghini's offer still includes a 5.2-liter N/A V10 revving to 8700rpm, which can make you forget about everything else. It's a rather special engine with no competition.


While the EVO is missing the Performante's adaptive aerodynamic package, the Huracán did get a new bumper with a front splitter, and an integrated rear wing for 2020. The EVO also has new wheels, optimized side intakes, an improved underbody and repositioned exhausts ala Performante, with Lamborghini claiming a 500 percent improvement over the 2014 original in terms of downforce and efficiency.

But those who intend to drive their Lamborghinis regularly will probably be more grateful for that 8.4 inch touchscreen built into the central tunnel. It looks like this, and you can always thank Audi.

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