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  • Heath Grayson


The Ferrari Portofino is taking over the reins from the California in the next few months as it hits the street. It is the newest of the Prancing Horse's lineup to fill the role as a sporty roadster with a folding hardtop for year-round drivability and a tiny rear seat that allows for carrying more than two people in a pinch. Ferrari has started taking orders for the droptop (much over sticker still), and a user on Ferrari Chat got ahold of the full options list, including prices.

The money that Ferrari charges for some of these extras is absolutely astounding, especially when they are features like Apple CarPlay and folding seat-backs that are standard features on many everyday cars. Even minor accessories like floor mats cost an immense amount of money. So check out all the options you will have to shell out for!


Various Front Grilles - $1,687

If the Portofino's standard front grille somehow isn't nice enough for you, Ferrari offers three alternate designs at a rather pricey $1,687.

Buyers can choose to to have the grille's edges in shiny chrome or darker black chrome. For a different look, the entire piece can be black chrome, too.

US Route 550, USA
Fire Extinguisher - $1,097

A fire extinguisher could potentially save a driver if something goes seriously wrong with the Portofino, but charging $1,097 for one seems outrageous.

Porsche also offers a fire extinguisher for the 911 GT2 RS, and the company charges $140 for it, which seems like a bargain compared to Ferrari.

Front-Facing Parking Camera - $6,075

Because of automotive regulations in the United States, the Portofino must come with a rear-facing camera, so this equipment is standard on the vehicle.

However, adding a parking camera in front is a $6,075 upgrade. If your perception is so bad that help is necessary when pulling into a parking space, maybe a 591-horsepower sports car isn't the right choice for you.

Smoking Kit - $811

At least in the United States, smoking is losing favor. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 42.4 percent of American adults were smokers in 1965, and the figure fell to 15.5 percent as of 2016.

If you're still among the few people that like to puff on a cigarette, then the vice costs you $811 in the Portofino. This seems like a lot of money for equipment that doesn't equate to more than an ash tray or cigar lighter.

Painted Brake Calipers - $1,519

Want a coat of paint to give your brake calipers a pop of color? Prepare to pay $1,519 for the hue. The parts comes standard in black, but buyers can choose aluminum, gloss black, blue, silverstone grey, gold, red, rosso scuderia, or yellow.

Ferrari likely makes quite a hefty profit whenever someone requests this coat of paint on a model's calipers.

Colored Floor Mats With Ferrari Logo - $1,350

Ferrari's prancing horse logo already adorns quite of bit of real estate in the Portofino's cabin. If buyers want to add the stallions to the floor on the colored mats, then the luxury costs $1,350.

It seems like a lot to pay for some mats with horses on them.

Colored Rev Counter - $776 or $979

Like the yellow rev counter in this image? The sunflower color adds $776 to the Portofino's price. Alternatively, a red version carries the same cost.

You can pay more, too. Ferrari also offers the rev counter in aluminum or white for $979.

Foldable Rear Seat Back Rest - $1,687

Vehicles generally either don't have a folding rear seat or, if they do, then being able to put the seatback down is a standard feature throughout the range. Not at Ferrari, though.

The company charges a hefty $1,687 for the luxury of being able to fold down the rear seat in the Portofino.

Carbon Fiber Cup Holder - $2,531​

Ferrari offers a wide range of expensive carbon fiber accessories for the Portofino, but the cup holder carries the most shocking price among them. The cost of keeping your bottle of water in lightweight luxury is an astonishing $2,531.

The price seems like a joke until you realize this isn't even Ferrari's most expensive cup holder in recent year. On the F12 Berlinetta, the Prancing Horse charged $3,533 for the carbon fiber part.

Apple Carplay - $4,219

Buy a Honda Civic in the EX grade or better, and it comes standard with Apple CarPlay. However, if you tick the option box on a new Portofino prepare to pay a jaw-dropping $4,219.

The insane cost for some simple electronic code that's standard on many lesser vehicles, easily makes this the most egregiously priced option on the Portofino.


Trust me, I know... We are just bringing light to how rediculous some of these things are. We have been through hundreds of cars, and that is just part of it. The fact is, you'll end up just getting the options and overpaying for it because it makes the car that much more bad ass, even if it is totally unreasonable.

I guess the point to the story here is, these cars ARE NOT cheep! They are expensive to option, expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, expensive to service, and expensive to insure.

But you don't have to take on all that depreciation, dealer hassles, and extra costs as a member of the club. If you have ever wanted to enjoy these supercars but also never wanted to worry about the hassles of ownership you should check out our Supercar Memberships! They are a great way to drive ALL the cars, and save money at the same time.

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