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  • Erik Barajas


In a City Centre showroom sit some of the world's most exotic imported sports cars. Though they're out on display, you won't find any price tags or salesman. Instead of a showroom, it's a -- a stable of "supercars" -- from Alfa Romeos to Lamborghinis, all waiting to be driven by members of the Freedom Supercars Houston Supercar Club. To be a member of the club, you don't have to be super rich or famous and you don't even have to buy a car. Employees with the club call themselves market disruptors, changing the game on what it means to drive a so-called "supercar." "It's not just for the celebrities that are living the high life," said Freedom Supercars marketing director Chris Smith. Instead, Smith says think of it as luxury car time-share that's more affordable than owning. "You shouldn't just have one, you should be able to drive them all."​

To get behind the wheel, potential club members must be at least 25 years old and insured to drive. The club charges a joining fee, and monthly dues between $1,400 and $2,950 depending on how often you want to drive them.

All added up, it is still likely less than the sales tax that would be assessed if you were to purchase one of the club's supercars. What members get in return for their dues is a dream garage without any of the hassle of ownership -- no risk of depreciation or responsibility for maintenance and storage. "Membership is really easy," said Smith. "They call in and they say 'what do you have available for the's a great day to take out the Ferrari California, great weather, I'm going to put the top down'," Smith said of the convenient drop-in, drop-off reservation system.

Another perk of ownership? By the time a club member drops off their supercar, Freedom Supercars has washed, vacuumed and fueled-up the personal car members own and have left behind during their jaunt with the club's supercars. For those who are interested in the supercars but may be a little intimidated by their power, the club also gives every member a quick run-through on how to drive their vehicles. If you want to test drive a membership with Freedom Supercars, the club is offering up a special six-day membership now through Father's Day.


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