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  • Heath Grayson


car subscription

A sweeping trend has taken hold of the automotive market. Until recently, your only options with vehicle ownership were to purchase the car outright or to lease it from a dealership. But now a third option awaits you: Car Subscriptions.

Car subscriptions have been gaining popularity around the major automotive manufactures. Cadillac, Porsche, Audi, Ford, Volvo, and Lincoln are all rolling out the car subscription base in select cities to gain traction in an ever-growing car industry.

The subscription model just clearly makes sense. You pay for what you use, you have less risk of depreciation, and all the maintenance and headaches are taken care of for you. Plus, on top of all that who wants to have the same car forever? Most people when asked are ready to switch into a new car a year after they buy, so why restrict yourself to just one car?

Car subscription

écurie25 is changing the game. While companies like Cadillac provide a good option, we provide a GREAT option and here is why:

It Costs Less Than Owning

The cost for membership is a less than half the cost of owning a supercar, and with none of the hassles of ownership. It's a value that can't be matched.

Access to a Collection of Supercars

Why settle for just one, get the keys to an entire collection of supercars that’s constantly refreshed with the latest and greatest vehicles in the world from Ferrari and Lamborghini to McLaren and Rolls Royce we have them all.

Vehicles that are Always Ready

Just an easy reservation away - your supercar of choice is always perfectly detailed, filled with fuel and ready for the adventure ahead. You just show up and enjoy the vehicle the way it should be.

A Totally Carefree Experience

Never worry about things like maintenance, insurance, depreciation, or storage; we have it covered. In fact, never even concern yourself with as much as a carwash! We do all the heavy lifting and you as the member enjoy all the benefits.

Supercar Subscription

Enjoy Plenty of Driving Time

You'll spend more time behind the wheel than most owners do. Most owners only spend about 30 days behind the wheel and drive an average of 1,500 miles per year in their “weekend car.” With a membership because you aren’t dealing with the hassles you will spend anywhere from 30 to 120 days a year depending on which membership you’d like. You'll never go back to single car ownership.

Unrivalled Opportunity

Here is the real benefit! There are only a few people on the entire planet that have the opportunity to drive all the world's most desirable supercars - and you can be one of them. Join an elite group that can talk about what they like differently about each car. You aren’t the guy who just rent’s cars – you are the smartest guy in the room that pays less and drives more because you get to DRIVE THEM ALL!

écurie25 has four memberships to choose from and is a perfect fit for any kind of driver. Whether your are a traveler looking to enjoy a nice car when in town, a current owner looking to experience some variety, or new to the supercar world and ready to enjoy them all… we have a solution for everyone.

So stop thinking you have to own it to enjoy it. Supercar Subscriptions are the way of the future, and is THE BEST way to enjoy all these amazing supercars. There are a lot of things you should be faithful to, but a car is not one of them.

Join the Club, Drive the Cars!

- écurie25


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