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  • Heath Grayson


Magical Sixth Element

Everyone loves carbon fiber on cars. It’s lightweight, extremely strong, and most importantly, it looks badass. Carbon fiber has been widely used since 2009 when it started being sought after because of its complex and wide range of use. The global demand on carbon fiber composites was valued at roughly $18.6 billion in 2015, yes we said billion! But enough with the boring statistics, because we are here to look at why you should spend up to $70k on custom made carbon fiber furniture, not to calculate numbers.

Carbon Fiber Gear has been raising in popularity greatly, as it should because who doesn’t want a carbon fiber watch, phone case, knife, wallet, and possibly tables, benches, and even a bath tub! Yes, although ridiculously expensive, you could be lounging in your $70,000 bath tub, enjoying those Epsom salts, while resting your expensive merlot on an even more expensive coffee table lit by you guessed it, a carbon fiber OLED desk lamp. Honestly, that is a world I want to live in. To see more crazy carbon fiber creations, click the link and be amazed.

View More Pictures of Carbon Fiber Pieces


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