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ecurie25 Supercar Club is more than just a car company, it is a lifestyle. It is a group of individuals brought together to enjoy all the finest things in life in the automotive world. But with great opportunity comes great responsibility as well and we take that very seriously. We have met so many fantastic people since we started the club, and we have been lucky enough to be put together to help out some amazing organizations throughout the years.

ecurie25 has been a proud sponsor of countless charity events over the years, supporting both local and national foundations. We have done our best in an effort to raise money for a wide variety of reasons. From fighting cancer to helping underprivileged kids get a chance at an education ecurie25 has been there to help.

We do a wide variety of things, but the most popular item would be our Dream Drive we usually put up for auction. This is a pulse-pounding opportunity to swap keys and drive cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and others all in the same day! The winner takes a spirited drive and experiences what it’s like to drive some of the most desirable supercars on the planet during this afternoon of excitement! They get to drive three supercars and see what its like to be an ecurie25 member.

We have also auctioned off memberships as well to provide an even larger contribution to the community. We call this our Discovery Membership package. This high-octane package includes 10-days driving in our selection of amazing supercars. Winners get the keys to an entire collection instead of just a single vehicle. Take a Lamborghini one day and a Ferrari the next, the choice is yours!

We have been happy to help through our past events and are excited to continue contributing in the future for a good cause! If you have an event that you would like ecurie25 to sponsor, feel free to CONTACT US and provide us with all the information on the event and we will do our best to help out. Contact us as soon as possible as we can only do so many events per year!

We love giving back, and can’t wait to see what an impact we can make in the following years! See you on the road!



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