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  • Marc Smith

Extreme Deja Vu

With Austin’s launch right around the corner, I am getting some serious Deja Vu! 12 years ago, we were going through the very same thing in Houston and boy is it exciting. Every entrepreneur goes through the planning, the preparation, the hard work, and when it finally all comes together it is nothing less than pure bliss. Here is a little inside look at how things are going and how we are reminiscing in these situations.



We have partnered with some great people in Austin. From Jason our partner, to our sales director and marketing coordinator, we have a really well-rounded team! A great team was the pinnacle to our early on success in the company and we think the people we have on board with us are well equipped to thrive in Austin! All of our staff is knowledgeable, ready to help, and extremely huge car buffs!


Back when we started, we had to sell people on our revolutionary business model, and once again we are doing just that. We have had an overwhelming number of prospects reach out wanting to know more about the club, and just like when we started people are excited hearing about our business and what we are offering. I remember early on having conversations with people and them replying “that just makes so much sense,” and “I can’t believe something like this doesn’t already exist.” We are super happy to be pioneers in our industry and disrupting the market. The lucky few who are coming on before we open are going to be recognized as our Founding Members, and we are excited to announce that we are sold out of our founding memberships! We will start with an amazing member base, and will grow throughout the rest of the year.


Just as we are adding new members, we are also adding to our amazing supercar collection. When I first started the club I remember looking around and having such a hard time picking out which supercars to get! We ended up settling on five supercars: Porsche 911 Turbo S, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, a Dodge Viper SRT, and a Aston Martin Vantage. At the time, that was the cream of the crop, and we couldn’t wait for members to get behind the wheel. Once again, we have now starting acquiring the world’s best supercars in Austin, starting with five amazing supercars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more! There is nothing like a members first time in the supercar, and that will happen shortly for the new club.


When we started the club we wanted it to be more than just the cars, we wanted membership in the club to be a lifestyle. We love giving members the opportunity to travel the world on our trips and drive nearly every supercar on the market. The club is about the experiences, the driving events, the member dinners, the once in a lifetime opportunities, the networking and the memories never forgotten. We are currently planning events for the new location and are thrilled to meet and build life-long friendships with all our new clients whether at the clubhouse or trackside at the F1 race.

Thinking about all this brings back a lot of fond memories and I can’t wait to continue to share these with our new friends in Austin! If you have not already signed up for membership we hope you join the revolution and experience what it is like to have true supercar Freedom!

See you on the road!

Marc Smith,

President, Freedom Supercars


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