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  • Gabe Kiser


The King of the Street

The blue beast, crouched and low to the ground, gurgling because its camshafts rest more comfortably at redline than idle. The driver has white knuckles no doubt because whether or not the car is stock or modified by professionals, trying a world record for anything greater than how many golf balls will fit in your mouth is a bit nerve-racking. Especially when one untimely twitch, one improperly torqued bolt, and the show ends with a fireball and a veiled widow.

That was the scene that unfolded here before the record was shattered. As it’s name implies, the Texas mile is a race where contestants show up in a any sort of vehicle, generally one that’s powerful, and try to get it to go as fast as possible within a one mile strip of road. This Ford GT that showed up to pull of said feat left the world with their jaws on the floor.

Ford GT Record Setting

That’s because, with an outrageous speed of 293.6 mph, this relic is the fastest street legal car on Earth, pushing way past the Bugatti Veyron’s 267 mph run and running higher still than the Hennessey Venom GT’s 270.49 mph run. It was so fast in fact that the timecard keeping track of speed glitched, showing that the car passed the mile mark at 273.6 mph. In reality, the GT passed that, hitting the magic 293.6 mph in the span of a mile, nearly 300 mph. At least it had a parachute strapped to its rear to make for a practical slowing time. Now our attention is turned to Bugatti. With a speedometer that reads all the way up to 312 mph, can the world's favorite hypercar really stand up to this custom Ford?

View The Video of This Epic Ford GT


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