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  • Heath Grayson

Formula 1 Is Coming To Las Vegas in 2023!

The rumor about a third Formula 1 race in the USA turned out to be true. Formula 1 confirmed the all-new Las Vegas Grand Prix yesterday, which means the USA will now host three Grands Prix per season. That's more than any other country in the world.

We expected as much, given Formula 1's ever-growing popularity in America. F1 is also owned by an American company, and there is an American team on the grid with the possibility of a second joining in the near future.

The location also makes sense. Las Vegas is America's biggest adult playground, and the city's layout is perfect for a street circuit. It's also the only race on the West Coast, with the Miami Grand Prix on the East Coast and the Circuit of the Americas in Texas.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will not replace the canceled Russian race this year, however. Instead, the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in November 2023.

To be honest, we're even more excited about the above date. That's extremely close to when the season usually ends. Will the Las Vegas Grand Prix be the final race of the season? The teaser trailer does include the words, "winner takes all..."

Las Vegas is undoubtedly a fitting location for such a spectacle. Will the 2023 world champion get drunk and try to climb the Eiffel Tower? One can only hope.

Las Vegas is well known as a city of excess. It's a more modern version of the Monaco Grand Prix, but without the dock. You'll spot various ultra-exclusive machines like the Bugatti Chiron and Bentley Bacalar on any day of the year. Everyone wants to be the center of attention, making it a car spotters' dream destination.


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