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Supercar Driving Tour Monaco

A year ago I embarked on my first European Supercar tour not knowing what I was getting into, anxious to explore through Europe in some of the best supercars known to man. This year, I returned because I couldn't get enough. This trip is life changing! The people, the places, the roads, the cars, the atmosphere, the energy - it is all something that can not be replicated. Last year I said there will be a 1000% chance I will be back, and I can again tell you this will not be my last tour. These are bucket list trips that you will talk about FOREVER! Ask any member of ours who has gone and they will tell you the same! So without any further ado, here are some photos along with a write up so you can get the "Real" experience of what its like to go on tour! Also, make sure to check out the video at the end!



Here is our map that we will be following over the week. Hand picking the best roads, some off the beaten path to get the best hairpins, switch backs, and motorways!



On day one we arrived in Epernay, France. We pulled up to the beautiful Royal Champagne Hotel which took years to build. Right away you are greeted by a modern entrance and led upstairs to the best view in the land. Imagine looking from the top of the hill down on the entire champagne region, it is quite the view! Guests got to go on a guided tour of some of the finest champagne cellars learning about the history of the land, and the amazing grapes produced in France. From driving in the vineyards, to sipping on paired champagne the day was just getting started!

Then two huge transport trucks came with a bountiful amount of gifts… thirteen of them to be exact! Yes, the supercars had arrived! We offloaded them and put them into position as we drew a huge local crowd that gathered around the collection worth millions! We ended the day by bringing a few of the supercars to our greeting dinner where we had a great five course meal accompanied by fun guest introductions… and wine!



The day started out on a foggy morning leaving Epernay. Strolling through a dense fog, the supercars could not be seen far ahead, but could be heard for miles. Our supercar convoy was split into two groups both with a lead and follow car to navigate through the vineyard roads. After passing small towns we were able to cruise into better weather. We took in the views of the open plains but then headed into a narrow area in the woods. Once we got there we unexpectedly came across a car we didn’t expect to see… It was the French Military!

We passed by several Humvees, transpiration trucks, and tanks! The moment we all laughed is when we are taking videos of them passing by, and they are taking videos of us passing by – what a site to be seen. The cruised on into Dijon where we were we were able to find the coolest private estate lined with stained glass, perfect landscaping, and even a private lake in the front. We made our grand entrance and then joined for drinks and laughter at dinner as we all went around the room chatting about our first car, current cars, and our dream cars!



In the morning we woke up to quite the view. Our Lamborghini had gone to go run in the grass with the other bulls! Once we had corralled the stable of cars together we head off! The day was full of great roads as we head into Annecy, right near the boarder of Switzerland. We started to see some mountainous roads and the sights were breathtaking!

The supercars were ripping through the crisp air and everyone was enjoying the sunshine! The roads took us across bridges, through tunnels and alongside mountain passes. Once we got into Annecy we climbed up the hillside at a forty-five degree angle heading up to the top. Upon our arrival we came upon a large gold plated gate where we entered and parked in front of our chateau for the evening. The dining room view was as amazing as the food was. We had a panoramic view of the Swiss alps where we could even see Mont Blanc!



We woke up to a chilly morning breathing in the fresh mountain air. After breakfast and quick espresso, we got in the supercars and were off on another day of excitement! During the drive we passed through several mountains and came across one of my favorite part of the trip – passing alongside the Ice rivers formed by the snow runoff. The cars were in full parade as you could hear a symphony of exhaust notes rattle off the mountain rock.

As we neared our destination the roads got narrow, and the cars began to draw lots of attention as we tried to pass through the narrow streets leading to our destination. From a birds eye it wasn’t hard to see the array of red, blue, and orange cars passing through the city. As we pulled up to our castle we were surprised at how they had transformed this historic landmark into a modern paradise. The trip seemed to be as good as it gets!

We then put the supercars to sleep, prepairing for our last day on the road!

Supercar Driving Tour Monaco



The last day on the road is always so bittersweet! We travel from Italy into France, and we travel on some of the most magnificent roads in the entire world. One final time we launch from breakfast and hit the road. Haven driven each car now, everyone has really enjoying their last vehicles and getting to compare them all within the last few days. The last part of the day is a dream come true.

We head into a horsepower playground departing down the last mountain into the long sweeping turns. The engine breaking and downshifting is music to my ears as we rocket onto our final stop. Once we finally arrive in Nice we handed over the keys and had a glass of champagne on the beach, what a way to kick off our Monaco weekend!



On to Monaco, we get there by private transportation, boat, and by helicopter. While getting to experience the feeling of Tom Brady, we step into an electric atmosphere where motorsport was second nature. You can feel racing is in the blood here, and the history the track has while walking on the tarmac. We arrive at our mega yacht – picture something out of a James Bond film that the villain would be sailing, and that’s pretty close to accurate. Aboard the ship we have everything we could want, live music, entertainment, lightshows, TV’s, crafted cocktails, lounge areas, and the perfect view from the harbor to see all of Monaco.

Through the weekend we got to meet famous F1 driver Marc Webber and other celebrities… heck we even had Daniel Ricardo come on board during the middle of the night! Well, okay that is me in the race suit... but while I was dressed up in full race atire, I got to meet the REAL Daniel and he put the picture of us up on his instagram on race day!

Finally we made it to race day! The espresso was as warm as the tires that morning, but after a quick recovery we were ready to rumble! The sun was out, the drivers were lined up, and the yacht horns sounded. 3,2,1… and the racers were off! We had quite the race with Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull putting on quite a fight! It was a crazy turn of events and Mercedes had one of the craziest finishes without a pit which left their driver near sliding around every corner hanging on for the win, and for his life!

This trip was truly fantastic! Everything is perfection down to the last detail. One of the biggest things I enjoy is the people. Everyone on the boat is so lovely – getting to meet people from all over the world come together and enjoy time together is such an amazing thing! It feels like the week flew by in no time and I’m already looking forward to it again next year.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht

Supercar Driving Tour Monaco

Watch the Video of our Tour!

Photo / Video credit: Tom Pope & DK Photography

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