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  • Heath Grayson

Member Event: Limited Edition Cigars with J. London

We recently held a Members-only evening in the Havana Lounge clubhouse. Our guests were treated to a night of luxury and indulgence, as they had the opportunity to meet with J. London founder Jonathan Fiant and learn about his passion for creating rare and premium cigars.

Jonathan Fiant is known worldwide for his extensive travels in search of the best tobacco leaves and his dedication to producing unique, aged, and vintage cigars. During the evening, he shared with our members his knowledge and experience in creating his ultra-premium J. London Gold Series cigar. The members were delighted to learn more about the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that goes into making each cigar.

As a special treat for our guests, each attendee was given a signature J. London Gold Series cigar to enjoy. In addition, our members were among the first to try Jonathan's latest creation, "The Ripper," which is not even for sale yet. Members enjoyed the chance to experience the pre-release of this new line and appreciate the distinct flavor profile that Jonathan had worked so hard to achieve.

To complement the cigars, we also provided premium sipping tequilas, which added an additional level of luxury to the evening. Our guests enjoyed pairing the cigars with their drinks, and it was a great opportunity to appreciate the flavors and aromas of both.

Finally, to complete the evening, we served a selection of authentic Mexican food and desserts. The guests savored every bite, and the combination of cigars, tequila, and food was an experience that won't be soon forgotten.

Overall, it was a wonderful event, and the feedback from our members has been fantastic. We are thrilled to have provided an opportunity for our members to meet Jonathan Fiant, learn about the craft of cigar making, and indulge in the ultimate evening of luxury. We are already looking forward to the next event, and we can't wait to see what we have in store for our members.

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You can find more information on our memberships HERE!


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