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  • Heath Grayson

The 900-HP Lotus Eletre Will Be the Fastest SUV on the Road

Lotus has always made amazing vehicles, but in the last year they have stepped up their game with 3 new supercars and hypercars that are putting them ahead of the game. The latest is the 900 HP Electre, a blazingly fast SUV that they want to change the industry with.

A clear advantage of electric mobility is that you can extract an obscene amount of power. While an Aston Martin DBX707 uses two turbos, eight cylinders, and 4.0 liters to generate 697 horsepower, a Tesla Model X Plaid generates 1,020 hp from three electric motors and doesn't have to worry about altitude affecting outputs. So it was strange that the Lotus Eletre was revealed this week, touted as a 'Hyper SUV' with a basic power output of only 591 hp. As it turns out, that's because 591 hp is just the beginning for the Eletre EV SUV, as a higher-performance derivative is coming with an extra motor and a lot more power.

A new high-performance Eletre variant will be arriving in a few years time. This derivative will eschew a dual-motor design in favor of a tri-motor setup generating an extra 50% more power. That'll place outputs circa 900 hp, and with an electric motor on either rear wheel, additional torque vectoring capabilities will help put that all to good use.

Considering that with only 600 horsepower (give or take, as final outputs haven't been confirmed), the Eletre can sprint from 0-62 mph in a claimed 2.9 seconds, the extra motor could have big benefits. The Tesla Model X Plaid, for example, has 1,020 hp from a tri-motor setup, but can only hit 62 mph in 2.6 seconds. Not far off that already, a 50% gain in power could see the Eletre truly attain hypercar status among SUVs.

Unfortunately even if you liked this vehicle, your chances of getting on are slim to none as every single model is spoken for, they say. So if you can't purchase this vehicle, then which vehicle should you get with so many great options?

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