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  • Marc Smith

Updates on the New Houston Building

Freedom Supercars Houston Clubhouse

We have been working tirelessly over the last year to create the best venue our customers could ask for, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Within a few short months we will have the venue we have always desired and we think you are going to be really excited about it too!

For those of you just now hearing about this for the first time, we are creating clubhouse in Houston perfect for entertaining members and guests. Socializing with other members is the objective at regular club events like new car reveals, poker nights or unique member events like art exhibits, tequila samplings and wine tastings. And when an important corporate get-together or epic birthday bash is at hand, members can reserve the club for private events with full use of all the amenities. Check out our concepts below that will give you a sneak peak at what we are designing. We will be hosting a grand opening here in the upcoming months and will fill all our members in on the details as they get finalized!



An art gallery like non other, ours showcases rolling automotive artwork from the best auto manufacturers in the world. It’s a beautiful and ever-changing collection of aluminum and carbon fiber perfection.

The ambiance of mingling amongst the most desired supercars in existence provides for an unrivaled experience.


Lounges and seating areas that are perfect for private conversations are located throughout the space.

Whether having a meeting with a McLaren as your backdrop or having a libation near a Lamborghini, the unique floorplan combines a sophisticated and yet casual way to entertain amongst these stunning beauties.


The VIP mezzanine allows a unique perspective as you gaze at the supercars from above. With multiple seating areas you can bask at the vehicles and see them from a bird’s eye view, admiring them like never before.


Relax and unwind as you cue-up a round of pool with friends while enjoying a beer and watching your favorite team on the bigscreen.

Or if poker is more your hand, the poker room is a perfect place to host a regular Texas Hold’em game in a setting that’s like non other.


Go 0 to 60 without even leaving the garage! The racing simulators provide the perfect place to race head-to-head with your best buds for bragging rights. These interactive games are amazingly realistic and mimic some of the best road courses in the world.


This is the Rolls Royce of boardrooms. Quiet, luxurious, and leaving a long-lasting impression. It’s adjacent to the supercar gallery and provides a spectacular view for meetings or a private dinner.


Whether attending a member event or reserving the club for a night with close friends, the full service bar provides cocktails and craft beer from featured local breweries.

When stopping in for a morning meeting or picking up a vehicle, enjoy your favorite latte in the coffee lounge and avoid the crowd at your regular Starbucks.


A catering kitchen provides opportunities to cater a sit down dinner for many, a space where a private chef can prepare a special dining experience, or simply for providing hors d’oeuvres for hosted events.

The kitchen has easy access into the main showroom allowing the work to be done without interruption.


Sit back in comfort and ease, as the seating allows casual flexibility to watch races, movies and major sporting events in the screening room that also doubles as a presentation room for PowerPoint or video meetings.


As a member, your VIP status provides you with access to a private locker where you can store your personal wine and favorite spirits to enjoy with the company of your guests.


Need some fresh air? Step outside to the private patio; a refreshing area to enjoy some sun, have a cigar or lounge with an Aperol Spritz.


Now this is the type of spa a man can appreciate! A salon dedicated to primping and pampering head to toe - for your car of course!

Our state-of-the-art facility provides detailing ceramic coatings, paint protection film, vehicle wraps, and window tinting. No matter what the needs, Freedom Auto Spa has your ride covered!


The Auto Vault provides single vehicle storage for your prized possession, or you can customize your own bi-level motor condo with room to store up to ten cars with a private mezzanine view of your collection.


Freedom Work is the first and only coworking concept that combines premium workspaces with a world-class supercar clubhouse atmosphere. With limited availability, we designed this co-working space for our hand-selected niche of individuals who want to bridge their work and passion.

We are not just a workspace, we are a community of like-minded enthusiasts driven by success. Whether you are attending a private event, hosting work meetings, taking a supercar for a drive, or enjoying our clubhouse amenities, Freedom Work is sure to exceed your expectations.


If you like supercars, you should checkout our supercar subscriptions. Membership in the club gives you access to the world’s best supercars for a fraction of the cost of ownership and with way more perks! Freedom Supercars has multiple locations where you can drive the vehicles and attend one of the numerous events held exclusively for members. You can check it all out here: Supercar Memberships


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