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  • Erin Ingledew


This is Erin, she has been a part of the Freedom Supercars team for awhile now and we thought it would be fun to put her behind the wheel and get her opinion on what it's like to drive a quarter of a million dollar supercar! Check out here first impressions below!


1) Silence is not an option

Whether you are revving the horsepower idling in nuetral or as you switch into gear igniting the engine, a supercar exhaust note is bound to turn heads. I quickly realized the appeal in the sound alone as I was cruising around in a McLaren 570S Spyder with the top down. As merely an admirer before, I correlated the rev of an engine as an indicator of the driver’s ego; however, I now understand the temptation of eliciting a sound so raw and empowering at the tip of your toes. I came to view the roar of the engine as a musical demonstration of the strength behind its horsepower, and it continuously enticed me to explore the power it could wield.

US Route 550, USA
2) A different type of door, for each different supercar brand

I have listened to notorious rappers freestyle about butterfly and suicide doors alike simply as an establishment of their status, but I never realized for example, that the design of the doors on a Rolls Royce were so vastly different from that of a McLaren. Not only are the designs of the doors artistically appealing, but also a prestigious symbol for each supercar brand. From gull wing to butterfly, to scissor, and suicide, each design is intrinsically intertwined exhibits the history and infamous appearance of each brand.

3) The need for speed is intoxicating ​

You cannot help but attempt to hit top speed when handling the wheel of a McLaren in their OG color, orange. Temptations lie across your line of sight as you remind yourself that you are not driving on the Autobahn, but I-10 instead. As I maneuvered around the city in sport mode, I noticed that speed is defined as a different kind of “fast” in the world of supercars. Responding quickly to the acceleration, I was being propelled forward at a high velocity and still felt as if the engine could challenge itself to go even faster.

4) Other drivers are weirdly nice to you ​

Learning to drive in Houston comes with its set of advantages. You quickly realize that confidence is key if you are trying to merge onto the highway at peak rush hour. Driving around in a supercar, however, is a completely different driving experience. Besides witnessing your fair share of iphones hanging out of car windows to snap a quick photo, you also experience typically aggressive Houstonian drivers kindly letting you cut them off, amicable stoplight conversations, and last-minute exceptional parking spots that are created out of thin air by admirers.

5) Addicted to the thrill ​

If you are into exotic supercars as much as I think you are, then I can safely assume that you have watched at least one of the Fast and Furious films. Zooming around in any supercar might make you feel as if you had Dom’s driving capabilities, and the thrill alone of grasping the wheel of a machine so beastly is enough to make you feel just as empowered. When it comes down to it, experiencing for the first time the rawness of a machine built for speed is a sensation that awakens all the senses. From feeling the horsepower in your fingertips as you grasp the wheel to the feeling of being pushed back into your seat, there is moment you think to yourself, this is the thrill that will keep me coming back for more.


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