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  • Heath Grayson

#HoustonStrong After Hurricane Harvey

McLaren 570S

Helping Those in a Time of Need

As a city, Houston is facing perhaps its biggest challenge in history, and we want to help in the recovery!

As Houstonians, some of you, your family and friends may have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. All of us, either through personal experience or watching the devastation on television, have seen the level of support that thousands of people need in order to restore their homes and lives to some level of normalcy again.

While every business needs to resume operations as soon as possible, we also want to share in the rebuilding of our neighborhoods and our great city. To us, this seemed like an opportunity to reopen, while at the same time doing our part to contribute to the HOUSTON STRONG effort. You can be part of the Hurricane Harvey relief, and at the same time join our amazing group of supercar enthusiasts with a unique opportunity we offer just during this critical time.

For those of you not experiencing hardships, here’s your chance to do something exciting for yourself and something special for those in great need. Join the club before September 20th and 50% of your Joining Fee will be donated to the relief effort in Houston - and we’ll reward you with bonus driving time as well!

We hope you will join us!

Marc Smith

President, écurie25 USA


Feel free to call our local Houston branch with any questions: 832.726.1940


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