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  • Joseph Stephens, é25 Member


McLaren 570S

Perspective From The Cockpit

Let me start by saying, I had a really, really good time on the track with the McLaren 570S and 570GT!

The track at MSR, in Angleton Texas is nice and easy to navigate after a few laps. The staff at MSR was very friendly and accommodating, even allowing my wife to ride along for about 10 laps was definitely a highlight for her. The staff that was present from McLaren Houston were great as well, no one was pushy to purchase and conversations were very casual. I really enjoyed talking to them and learning some things as well throughout the event.

As for the McLaren cars, they had around 8 supercars on display - which is a lot and it gave me a great idea of what McLaren cars are all about and which option specs I liked the most. It was nice to see such a big variety of McLaren supercars, but it didn’t surprise me being that McLaren Houston is one of the largest dealers in the nation!

McLaren 570S

On to the good stuff. I was allotted a FULL HOUR of track time, which is A LOT. I did not use the full hour - I guess I am getting old, that is a lot of driving! I had plenty of time to go through all of the gears, work the carbon ceramic brakes fairly hard and hit about 130mph+ in the straightaway. Side note: It felt really good to do 130mph on a track and not on the interstate… joking (but not really)!

The McLaren 570S is a VERY well built car. Interior is comfortable, rides smooth, all the right trim; I was truly impressed with the interior comfort as well as overall performance and handling! The McLaren turbo was a very different feel to me... but in a good way. The turbo has a bit of lag, but when it shifts it almost feels as if the car is leaping forward towards light speed, which certainly gets the adrenaline going. I had a tremendous time especially in second gear, which I found to be the sweet spot. As this is poised to be McLarens entry-level vehicle, it really does give a lot of bang for your buck and also really shows you what the McLaren lineup is capable of. (It is always funny to hear something that costs $200k referred to as "entry level." - LOL)

My impressions of the McLaren 570S / 570GT - amazing cars, well built, comfortable, devilishly good looking, and best worn with a bright green or orange that makes the car stand out to its full potential!

So here is the big question…Would I buy it if I had to choose just one? I would give it some hard consideration now! I love the McLaren supercars and think they stand out as some of the best all around vehicles when looking at the competition.

But this is also why I enjoy my écurie25 Supercar Club membership because I can drive a multitude of super cars and not have to worry about depreciation, maintenance, insurance and other costs of owning just ONE new super care - I can drive them ALL. With that being said it has given me probably one of the best platforms for comparison because I have driven nearly every supercar and man does the McLaren lineup shine!

I really think the McClaren 570S is a wonderful car, and the company has an amazing long history. At the right price it is definitely an amazing supercar that will turn heads on the street and grip the track even better if you choose to take it to the track.

Special thanks to Ecurie25 and especially McLaren Houston for the good times... it is events like this that make it about more than just a car. These are experiences, relationships, emotions, and stories that I will always remember and talk about for years to come. Long live the ever growing supercar community!

- Joseph Stevens,

écurie25 Member

CEO at TXInsurance Agency LLC


Katy, Texas

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All Photo Credit to Taylor Bryant. Check out his awesome work HERE


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