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  • Heath Grayson


The Myth, The Legend

The 2017 Ford GT is quite possibly the most anticipated car in the last 10 years. The historical heritage combined with unmatched performance makes this car… well, the most badass car we have seen in awhile. Not to mention, it took 1st at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans, beating out Ferrari, exactly 50 years from when Ford beat out Ferrari in 1966 with the original GT40.

So what’s the price? You will pay a sticker of $400,000… that is if you can get one. Lucky enough, we have the inside information. Ford only plans to make 250 a year, so the chance of getting one is slim to none. Money can’t even buy you this car as Ford took written applications that make getting into Harvard look easy! They broke down current car selection, Ford loyalty, driving tendencies, and even social media presence and community involvement. The lucky 250 received an email recently acknowledging that they had the grand privilege to purchase a piece of history.

The best news is, one of our écurie25 members got one! We will have more info shortly, but let’s just say members may have the opportunity to see one in the flesh upon its majestic delivery.

View More Pictures of the 2017 Ford GT


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