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  • Heath Grayson


Supercar Driving Tour Monaco

Let me start by saying, words cannot begin to express how amazing of a trip this was, but I will do my best to share my amazing experience with you. This was my first time to attend the European Supercar Tour, and there is a 1000% chance I will be back. We will have tons of professional pictures and videos to come, but here are some straight off my phone along with a write up so you can get the "Real" experience of what its like to go on tour!



It started by taking a flight into Munich Germany where I would be greeted by the Tours team at the Mandarin Oriental, Munich’s most prestigious hotel. We all met with the other participants with handshakes and hellos. We spent the day getting the “Munich Experience.” In my opinion it should have been called the “lets drink the best beer in Germany all day and go look at amazing architecture tour.” By now everyone was familiarizing with the culture and were ready for a feast. We met for dinner in a private room where we had the best German cuisine and wine.

Tegernesee Hotel


Departing from the Mandarin Oriental all of us headed by private transport to Tegernesee to our 5 star hotel, Althoff Seehotel Uberfahrt, where we got our first glimpse of all the supercars to be driven over the next week! Looking over the teal lake at the mountains, we stated to realize that we were in paradise. After settling in we had Dinner where we went around the table introducing one another and getting to start to really meet our new “Driving Tour Family.” As we would spend the next week together, this was a really great way to get to know everyone in such a short timeframe. By the end of the night, and a few too many glasses of wine, people were already becoming great friends and sharing some hilarious stories that lead to the start of a great tour.


Not wanting to leave this Oasis of Luxury, we took off from the lobby to head to the supercars. Perfectly organized in a row this was clearly going to be a great trip as we were starting at some of the best supercars in the world. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan… okay ill stop drooling now and get to the drive. Rigged up with radios in all the cars, it was so easy to communicate with one another and keep on pace. As we got more confident it was brilliant picking up some speed. We crossed the boarder into Italy and made our way to the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi. We pulled all the supercars into the circle drive and nestled into mountains this looked like something out of a James Bond movie! We instantly were greeted and then shown to the natural spa pools and mud baths fed by the water of the mountain springs. Looking out at the panoramic views of the endless natural beauty, we had to pinch ourselves because we were shocked at how cool this trip had already been. After cleaning up we took place in another amazing meal with a 5-course meal with enough beer, champagne, wine and food to feed a village.

Casta Del Sol Resort


Waking up I put on my robe, stepped into the huge marble bathroom and opened the French windows to reveal a cool brisk air and view of the mountain peak. Ahhhhh, another day in paradise! I got ready and went downstairs to the circle drive of amazing automobiles as we departed for Switzerland. These were by far the most amazing roads in the world! The scenery was epic, the weather, perfect and the cars… well you already know. Ten cars zipping back and forth on the mountain roads for hours was something I dreamed of when I was 5 and finally coming to life! We then went to by chance my favorite part of the drive: San Bernadino Pass… Climbing from 100 to 6500ft in elevation, we hit hairpin after hairpin and crossed through snowcapped mountains and frozen lakes. Breathtaking. After a long day of driving we ended up settling into Casta Del Sol Resort and Spa where we were greeted with champagne on their 14 acre property where they grew most all of the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients for their Michelin star restaurant we would dine at.


Swooning over the supercars, we exited the hotel in style and headed on another drive day. At this point we were really getting to feel all the differences between the supercars! We got to pass the Swiss-Italian lakes and then cross through endless vineyards through the famous Barolo wine region! Every day I kept saying, there is no way it gets better than this, and every day it kept getting better and better! The day ended by us arriving to this huge gate down narrow stone walls, and once we entered it led us to this huge castle called Castello di Guarene. Straight out of a Disney movie, this place had so much history! The coolest part was to get to the spa, you had to enter through a secret underground passageway for 100 yards that used to be an escape passage in the early days! We ended the day over a 4-course meal that was wonderful and was on a patio overlooking all the Italian landscape, which was one of the most amazing things ever ever seen.

Mark Webber Meet and Greet


Setting off from the coolest castle ive ever seen, we headed for France! The route descended from the French-Italian border via rock tunnels, lush national parks, deep ravines and gushing waterfalls, with the drive coming to a close as the Mediterranean’s sparkling coastline comes into view. The water was so blue it looked fake. Then we wasted no time checking in and boarding a transfer to Monaco. We got dropped off and were able to walk the Grand Prix Track, which was such a cool feeling as there were multiple parties going on getting ready for the big race. Then we finally made it to the dock where we boarded the Sensei, our Megayacht! Aboard for the cocktail party was none other than F1 legend Mark Webber: two-time winner of the Grand Prix of Monaco and a great Australian. We finished up the night with a painting created in just 10 minutes by the famous Matteo Charles. Mark signed the picture and it was auctioned off to on of our guests. What a way to kick start an unforgettable weekend!

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht


We Spent the day aboard our stunning 150 foot, tri-deck superyacht enjoying the jewel in the crown of F1 – the Grand Prix of Monaco. Watching the races was great as we got to see the Formula Ford, Porsche Cup Series and Qualifying. It was a huge day as we saw a big crash, and a huge finish for 1,2 and 3 on the podium as Dan Ricardo clinched the number 1 spot in the last few laps ahead of Hamilton and Vettle. Everyone had an amazing night soaking it all in before the big race with an endless amount of food and drinks alongside an amazing boat staff that took care of all our requests.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht


Shaking off a brisk hangover, we proceeded to wakeup in team spirit to cheer on Ricardo to victory. We went to the airport and boarded a private helicopter to take us straight into Monaco, the most luxurious way possible! Then we were waiting on our tender boat to take us to the yacht and we watch as all the F1 drivers board their boats right next to us! Once arriving at the boat, we board to look out on a perfect sunny day and the hills and buildings filled with F1 fans as far as you could see. As it edged closer to race time, the yachts simultaneously blew their horns signaling the start of the race! They lined up and 3,2,1… go they were off! Quite a stressful and nail-biting race, but Ricardo pulled off the win and the Australians on the boat went crazy! Their was nothing better than hearing the yacht horns blow, seeing the race cars cross the finish line, and then watch 3 magnum Champaign bottles get popped and spray all over celebrating such an epic win! Right after the race, we had a live band play some amazing classic rock music and we partied through the night! One of the best days of my life!

The number of friendships started, memories made, and laughs shared goes on and on. This has truly been one of the coolest things ive ever done and I will surely be back for another round soon! The networking, the excitement, the food, the parties, the racing… it was all top-notch and done so perfectly. You will only believe me if you enjoy this for yourself!


If you want to join me on one of the tours contact us at 832.726.1940, or email us at

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