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  • Heath Grayson

10 Reasons to Join Freedom Supercars

Supercar Girl

Freedom Supercars has reinvented the way people think about supercar ownership and replaced it with a whole new concept. Instead of purchasing a supercar, an annual subscription gives members use of a collection of the world’s best supercars. You’re no longer shackled with single-car ownership because now you can have them all for less than the cost of owning a single car. See below on the top ten reasons why Freedom Supercars is the best way to enjoy nearly every supercar on the market!


1. Drive an amazing Collection of Supercars and get the keys to an entire collection of vehicles that’s constantly refreshed with the latest and greatest

2. Vehicles are Always Ready and just an easy reservation away - your supercar of choice is perfectly detailed, filled with fuel and ready for the adventure ahead

3. Enjoy the Carefree Experience and never worry about things like maintenance, insurance, depreciation, detailing, or storage; we have it covered.

4. The cost for membership is a Less than Half the Cost of Owning a supercar, and with none of the hassles of ownership - It's a value that can't be matched.

5. You'll spend More Time Behind the Wheel than most owners do and cars are always available - You'll never want to go back to single car ownership

6. There are only a few people on the entire planet that have the opportunity to drive all the world's most desirable supercars - it’s an Unrivaled Opportunity

7. Take advantage of the Vehicle Owners Program where members put their vehicle into the club and earn income from a lustful car otherwise collecting dust

8. VIP access to a Sensational Program of Driving Tours, glamorous events, unforgettable trips and supercar lifestyle experiences around the world

9. Select the option that’s right for you, as each Flexible Membership Plan provides you with access to all the cars driving around 15, 30, 60, or 90 days a year

10. Unmatched Membership Fees that unlock a world of unmatched flexibility, efficiency, excitement and convenience the day you join


Transform the way you drive today by joining Freedom Supercars,

the best way to drive every supercar on the market.


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