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  • Heath Grayson


Fast Phone for a Fast Car

The lap of luxury evokes actual laps in the Torino Lamborghini 88 Tauri, an ultra premium Android smartphone from the family of storied carmakers. Lambo isn't new to the smartphone game, and this latest effort outpaces previous models in both size and specs. The phone comes in at $6,000, but it is also outfitted with its share of premium materials, like nine different colors of calfskin leather over three treatments of stainless steel.

These include black, silver, and genuine gold-plate. Its cameras shoot 20-megapixel photos, it carries 64gb of storage, and has 3gb of ram, which is three times as much as the current iPhone. It doesn't feel sleek or satiny smooth. Rather, it's a little rough and angular, but for all the die-hard Lamborghini fans out there, here is a phone that will match your love for Italian luxury perfect.

Editors Note: If you get this phone, you may be a tad bit awesome.

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Lamborghini Cell Phone


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