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  • Heath Grayson


A New Era of Supercar

When McLaren Houston puts on an event, it is nothing less that extraordinary! Freedom Supercars members were some of the luxury few that got the first glimpse at McLaren's new 720S!

It started by McLaren transforming a modern venue into something unique and different. Pulling up to a swarm of exotic cars, men and women strutted casually by a P1 worth in excess of 2 million dollars to enter the venue. Welcomed by a beverage and photo, we were now able to enter what I like to call “the dark room.”

McLaren 720S

The event was filled with people dressed to the nine and intrigued by the new supercar that was to be revealed. Music was playing, exotic foods being passed, and the lights began to dim as a bluish hue suddenly created an allure of mystery.

As the McLaren GM David Bohn took to the microphone and spoke of the car that would revolutionize the market. He provided much anticipated on the latest in the Super Series — the car goes from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 212mph!

McLaren 720S

As he was done talking he directed us to watch the intro video that was visually tantalizing and audibly even better. The roar of the engine is something that sent instant smiles across faces in the room. Quickly the video came to an end as the lights came on and the shim was pulled from the car as it revealed its bright orange and carbon fiber finishes.

This car is truly brilliant! I would like to think we were some of the few that night that got to experience a small part of history. We were truly grateful for the experience and can’t wait to see it on the road and to eventually put one into our collection of ever growing amazing vehicles for our members to enjoy!

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