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  • Heath Grayson


Ferrari 488 GTB Red

This is next level! The McLaren Speedtail is set to become the automaker’s most luxurious and fastest road car ever with a top speed of over 243 mph. According to a new report by The Supercar Blog, McLaren has been testing two drivetrain options for its upcoming GT hypercar including an all-wheel drive variant and a “Propulsion” version, which is believed to be rear-wheel drive.

Apparently, the rear-wheel drive configuration enabled the Speedtail to hit 0-62 mph in just two seconds. To put that in perspective, that’s about half a second faster than a Bugatti Chiron. All-wheel drive will improve the traction but also add weight in addition to the battery pack, which isn’t ideal.

Power is expected to be sourced from a tuned 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine paired with a hybrid system that will produce over 987 horsepower. The Supercar Blog also claims to know when the McLaren Speedtail will be shown to the world. McLaren has already confirmed the Speedtail will make its world debut in October, but the exact date will be October 12 according to the publication before production commences in 2019. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from McLaren, but the prospect of McLaren’s fastest ever road car being unveiled in just over a month is very exciting.

Despite being the fastest road car McLaren has ever produced, the automaker recently insisted the car isn’t designed to chase top speed records. Only 106 examples of the McLaren Speedtail will roll off the production line, each costing around $2.5 million. Unsurprisingly, every single one of them is already spoken for, so don’t try to make a reservation.


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