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ecurie25 Marc Smith

I got to do something a little out of the ordinary, I got to ride in a million dollars worth of supercars and have an interview in the same day! I met with Freedom SupercarsPresident Marc Smith and got to ask him some questions about his automotive business that is revolutionizing the way people experience exotic and luxury cars!

Everyone who knows me knows I love fast cars, and after a very “spirited” ride in the Lamborghini Aventador we got down to business and here is what he had to say.


Marc Smith ecurie25

Why did you start the club?

I was looking to buy a Ferrari F430, but I also wanted to purchase a Gen. 4 Viper... and then I took a test drive in a Lamborghini Gallardo and was totally confused and couldn’t decide which one to get. So I tried to talk one of my business partners into buying a different car for us to swap between. We couldn’t decide on what to do with insurance, detailing, depreciation, and other obstacles - and the solution was to start a “Supercar Club”. I knew that there were people that would want to join and the next thing you know we had our initial ten members and bought 5 supercars to start Houston Motor Club which then became a part of the world’s leading supercar club, Freedom Supercars!

How long has the club been running?

It’s been running for almost 9 years now! We started in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. We have seen so many amazing supercars come through the club and have members that have been with us from the start who have had the opportunity to drive nearly every supercar on the market! They are truly in the 1% of people who have really gotten to drive ALL the supercars, which is what the club is all about.

What is your favorite supercar?

Marc Smith Houston Car Club

That’s like asking who is my favorite child: even if I have one I’m not allowed to say, haha. But in all seriousness I really don’t have a favorite car. If I had to choose… it is the next one! There are so many great supercars we bring in and I love trying each new one and comparing them to the others. Every car has it’s own personality; and while you should be faithful to your spouse, luckily you don’t have to be to your car.

Why would someone want to join the club?

I think the answer to that is why wouldn’t someone want to join the club? The main reason would probably be that you get to drive a variety of supercars for less than half the cost of owning just one. There are so many great cars, and driving just one would almost be a sin. With the club, you get a carefree experience with none of the hassles of ownership. We also take care of all the insurance, maintenance, detailing, storage, repairs, everything! Members don’t even have to concern themselves with as much as a car wash!

What has been your favorite moment in being a part of this supercar movement?

Well, I get to drive supercars everyday, so that’s a silly question! But seriously, I enjoy the cars, but I really like the fact that we are disrupting the market. Even though the idea of a supercar club is still growing, people are now starting to accept that you don’t have to own a car to enjoy it. There are people doing this with boats, jets, and even vacation homes, and we are the company people go to when they want to experience the world's best supercars.

What is in the future for Freedom?

We are very excited about the future, with plans to bring Freedom into nearly every major city in the US. Members can then reserve vehicles not only in their home city, but also when traveling. Whether on trips for work, or business they will be able to experience supercars on roads all around the United States. We are working on plans to make this happen, and we are excited to make membership even more valuable to members.


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