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  • Sarah Porter


Lamborghini Girl

The relationship people have with their personal vehicles is evolving in ways that are shaking up the automotive industry. A revolutionary force that is changing the game and letting you experience things before unheard of.

Today, many people, especially younger ones, are beginning to move past the thought of car ownership and electing to use ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft. Other people are finding that leasing a vehicle is a better option for them than being stuck with one they own for the rest of their life. In both of these options, the decisions people are making are largely based out of financial reasons and not giving much consideration to the actual vehicle though. The truth is that if you are a car enthusiast, there is still great value in getting to experience an elegant vehicle that can be classified as luxury or exotic, and neither of those two options really benefits car lovers.

If you are one of those people that love luxury and exotic cars and care a lot of about the experience of driving, the good news is that in between these two different options is a third choice that might make more sense for you that combines elements of the two options mentioned above: A Supercar Subscription Service.

Introducing ecurie25 Supercar Club, a smarter way to enjoy nearly every exotic and luxury car on the market. The way it works is simple. Simply sign up as a member of the club and join at levels that get you around 30, 60, 90 or 120 days a year. You get allotted an amount of points and then you use those points to reserve the vehicles. Reserving an Aston Martin will use fewer points than a Ferrari and weekdays use less points than weekends. Just reserve your vehicle and it will be waiting for you expertly detailed and fueled up awaiting your departure. Then choose which vehicle you want next. That’s it!

If you have a love of fancy cars, you are already familiar with how expensive they can be but by having a membership, écurie25 gives you the opportunity to experience these cars for yourself without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one while dealing with all the hassles of ownership. There are a variety of other reasons why ecurie25 can work for you but these five below are some of you might not have thought of.

Lamborghini Girl

1) By having a membership you remove the upfront cost of car ownership

Owning a car comes with a number of upfront payments that people don’t take into consideration such as a sizable down payment and sky-high insurance. When you choose join under membership, you remove these costs from your wallet and gets you in the driver’s seat much faster. Spending time-saving for a down payment and insurance can take months, and that’s less time on the road for you. It’s often the case that by the time you’ve saved up enough for upfront costs, new vehicles have hit the market that are more impressive than the one you’ve spent months saving for. With ecurie25, as new vehicles become available, they are ready for you to drive instantly.

2) With a supercar membership you are not stuck with car payments

Whether you own a fancy car or a simple economic one, the fact of the matter is that you are stuck with monthly car payments until the vehicle is fully paid off. On top of that, car insurance becomes another monthly cost that is now a part of your life. These are payments that are going to take huge chunks out of your paycheck and won’t go away if a life-changing event occurs such as having a baby, losing a job, or getting sick. Any reoccurring payment against you are ones that come with a significant degree of financial risk and the extreme costs of luxury car ownership are ones that always expose owners to a high degree of risk. Whether you love the car or not, financially these long-term commitments can be dangerous to your economic health unless you are extremely wealthy... and in that case save the money still and spend it elsewhere.

3) With membership you get to enjoy a different exotic or luxury car every weekend

One of the more fun advantages of membership is the multitude of options available to you each weekend. Chances are you won’t need to drive a car each day of the week and probably have plans to use it for a weekend or a short jaunt around town. Then why not just pay for the time you are using it? That’s the real benefit to subscription based car use because you can simply reserve the car when you need it instead of being forced to pay for it over the rest of the year. You’ll also get to experience different supercars and have a new one at your disposal each trip. For a car lover, being able to experience different luxury or exotic cars at will is the sort of thing you probably dreamed of earlier in life.

4) It’s cost-effective | Less than half the cost of single-car ownership

It’s simply cost effective. Since the costs of owning a luxury or exotic car are typically over $100,000 if you were to join at our Sebring Membership, that ends up being around 90 different days and nearly 3 years of membership dues you could have driven instead. It sounds like something the likes of only James Bond can do but if you break the how that $100,000 could be used in another way, many people would have more fun driving ALL the different exclusive cars than being stuck with just one.

5) Compare the value yourself

We compare the cost of owning three of the most popular cars in the ecuri25 collection. We have owned tons of cars over the years, and here are the real numbers. On average an owner of a “weekend vehicle” will drive 40 days and 1500 miles a year. We compare our Daytona Membership that gets you around 60 days a year, and it costs less than half of single car ownership! You’ll spend more time behind the wheel than most owners do, and without all the hassles of ownership. With an ever-changing garage of pristine supercars, Members are never left wanting more.

Compare the value

Today, many people are realizing that certain products and services are items that are best used on demand. This has been true of cars for many years before 2018 but with ecurie25, luxury and exotic car membership is the latest industry to be revolutionized. The bottom line is that our services are designed with car lovers in mind and aim to meet their needs. Whether it’s a McLaren, a Bentley, Lamborghini or a Ferrari, driving a supercar is one the best ways to reward yourself with the driving experience of a lifetime.

If you would like to become a member or want to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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