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Supercar Girl

When you reserve a car, you need distinction. The ride should turn from a task into an experience, and making an impression as you arrive at your destination is a welcome bonus. So you have the perfect event to show up to, but one question almost immediately pops up: what is the difference between exotic cars and luxury cars and what should I reserve?

What Constitutes a Luxury Car?

It would be redundant to describe a luxury car as luxurious, but that’s exactly the feeling you get when you sit behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of one of these beauties. Think BMW, Mercedes, and other, comparable vehicles.

Don’t get confused by the term as car brands use it. A more luxurious version of the newest Ford is still not a luxury vehicle. Think of it as the types of cars you would choose to add that extra bit of comfort and prestige.

Luxury cars are useful in every situation. An Bentley might be perfect for your next visit to downtown. Cruising through the shopping district in the newest Aston Martin model adds that extra special something to the overall experience. And of course, a red carpet event without a Rolls Royce means you’re missing something that would complete your adventure.

The definition of luxury cars is broad and depends on your preferences. To judge whether a specific model qualifies, think of it in these terms: when you sit behind the wheel, what do you feel? Do onlookers immediately associate the car maker with a feeling of distinction, and do you feel like you become more important simply by virtue of driving this car? If the answer to both is yes, chances are you’re talking about a luxury vehicle.

Luxury Lifestyle

What is considered an Exotic Car?

Too often, the terms exotic and luxury are used interchangeably as they relate to vehicles. In reality, an exotic car describes a very special type of luxury car.

First, exotic cars are typically sports cars. Think about the types of cars that you don’t typically see on the road. You might see an Audi, but how common is it to come across a Lamborghini on your daily morning commute?

Second, exotic cars are often created and marketed by foreign car makers. This provides them with just enough mystery to be honestly called exotic. Your Ford Mustang is undoubtedly great, but would not quite qualify under this moniker. After all, it’s made in the U.S. and appears on domestic streets often enough to be familiar to most onlookers.

Finally, exotic vehicles are almost always more powerful than regular street competitors. Almost without exception, they would be just as comfortable on the racetrack as they are on regular streets shared by other cars. They’re often limited editions, made by globally distinguished brands such as McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

They’re custom. They’re limited. They’re supremely powerful. They’re the pinnacle of automobilia. They are, in other words, supercars that represent the very top of the food chain in the vehicle market.

Ferrari 458 Sexy

Which Car is Right For Me: Luxury or Exotic?

Ultimately, the answer to that question relies on two variables: your personal preferences and the kind of impression you want to make. First, it’s important to understand just how important your style and taste really are. Driving a custom Ferrari is the dream for some, but not nearly as exciting for others. Similarly, a luxury Maserati in may not be quite enough to quench the thirst of adventure seekers. It all depends on what you are looking for in the moment.

Ask yourself a simple question: what are you looking to get out of your vehicle? If it’s an introspective feeling of luxury and style, a luxury car will be your best choice. But if you want to feel a powerful engine under your feet and guarantee the attention of spectators, a more exotic choice may be warranted. The choice is yours.

Ferrari Girl

Elevating Your Experience Through écurie25

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